Historic Murphy’s Restaurant District (Sunnyvale)

The project on Historic Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale, which covers the restaurant district from Evelyn Avenue to Washington Avenue, is a source of great pride for Bellecci. We had the privilege of enhancing the street that runs through the city restaurant district and the parking lot near the rear, making significant improvements to enhance the restaurant district into a plaza for the community to gather.
Our primary focus was the public-facing area at the front of the district. The city commissioned us to restore the classic downtown charm of the district by transforming the current asphalt road into a beautiful brick or paved street. This revitalization effort aimed to create a cohesive aesthetic with brick sidewalks, elevating the allure of over twenty businesses, predominantly restaurants, that define this district. The presence of several utilities and boxes, including electrical and sewer boxes, made durability and aesthetics critical factors to consider.
Initially, the city proposed concrete sidewalks complemented by brick streets. However, considering the time and cost involved in curing concrete, we devised an innovative solution. We suggested setting pavers on top of a specially designed asphalt sub-slab, significantly reducing construction time. To implement this, we removed the existing asphalt and lowered it by six inches, providing a more flexible foundation. With the asphalt base layer, businesses could remain open during the construction phase. This approach minimized excavation, accelerated curing time, and proved to be a cost-effective alternative.
We were deeply committed to the project, extending our efforts far beyond the surface level. We meticulously replaced every lateral sewer and water service line to ensure optimal functionality in every building. Additionally, we carefully graded the corridor, creating a zone that prioritizes ADA compliance while also being friendly to pedestrians. Our efforts included the meticulous relocation and integration of utilities to blend them seamlessly into the sidewalk to promote visual harmony.
Our topmost priority during the project was to ensure that the businesses’ operation remained uninterrupted. To ease concerns and maintain the trust of our clients, we incorporated custom-designed temporary wooden bridges adorned with colorful signs. These eye-catching, color-coded bridges reassured business owners that their establishments would remain open throughout the construction process.
This project stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results while preserving the character of cherished urban spaces.

Alameda Point Site Commercial Development

Bellecci takes great pride in contributing to the revitalization of Willie Stargell Avenue with this In-N-Out Burger, Chase Bank, and a new gas station project in Alameda. As a critical connection between Main Street and Webster Street, our mission was to create a more expansive and efficient road that seamlessly integrated with the city’s infrastructure, improving connectivity and convenience for residents and visitors alike.
Formerly known as Tinker Avenue, this two-lane road previously cut straight through the face of the College of Alameda, leading to Webster Street near the tunnel. Our task involved redesigning and reconstructing the road to accommodate the growing needs of the city.
With the acquisition of the required land, the road began to take shape. Capitalizing on a 2.5-acre parcel between Webster Street and Willie Stargell Avenue, Bellecci began designing the innovative gateway into the city, including the now iconic “Welcome to Alameda” sign.
One of the primary obstacles encountered in this project was obtaining the required permits to construct the wall separating the road and the upcoming development area, which was under the ownership of Caltrans. Additionally, roadside channels to collect and purify stormwater runoff from the highway were needed to protect the bay ecosystem.
ADA compliancy was also of utmost importance—a challenge when considering the terrain between Webster Street and Willie Stargell Avenue. Bellecci carefully designed this area and intersection to account for incline and to ensure a comfortable experience for pedestrians all while meeting accessibility standards.
For enhanced safety and traffic flow, we also introduced a pedestrian-friendly red stamped-paving treatment at the commercial site entry from Willie Stargell Avenue, a solution that encourages adherence to the curved path, facilitating safe pedestrian crossing.
Bellecci always commits to bring nothing but excellence and innovation to every project we take on, all while prioritizing compliancy and sustainability.


Located between San Ramon Valley Boulevard and Donald D. Doyle Highway, Bellecci took on the exciting challenge of transforming a highly visible unused lot in San Ramon into an accessible and environmentally friendly space for the construction of the new Wendy’s restaurant.
One of the key challenges we faced was the slope of the site, which posed difficulties in creating a level parking area. To overcome this, we designed a strategic retaining wall along the rear property line, adjacent to the Donald D. Doyle Highway. Drainage became another hurdle, requiring us to find a way to redirect the water flow toward the back of the property without causing any disturbances. Through a successful partnership with Caltrans, we were able to utilize their highway drainage ditch to effectively manage stormwater runoff. In order to adhere to regulations and ensure environmental sustainability, we installed three custom bioretention basins at the rear of Wendy’s. These basins were specifically designed to slow the flow of and purify the runoff water.
The project also entailed designing a well-planned driveway at the exit near the neighboring property to ensure smooth access for both establishments. We carefully graded the area to minimize any impact on neighboring properties while ensuring adequate access for vehicles. Furthermore, we prioritized the convenience and safety of patrons by creating a wider, standard driveway along the building’s edge, allowing for easy parking and maneuvering.
Considering the requirements for the sanitary sewer line, we elevated the Wendy’s building to accommodate the drainage from the front to the back. We carefully integrated the elevation, considering the height requirements of the driveway, as Wendy’s stands higher than the adjacent building.
Our approach throughout the project was to strike a delicate balance between practicality and compliance. From dedicated ADA Compliant routes and access points to effective stormwater management, Bellecci seamlessly integrates all elements into successfully transforming spaces as we did with the Wendy’s of San Ramon.

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