Fallon Sports Park (Dublin)

Bellecci had the privilege of contributing to the design and development of the magnificent Fallon Sports Park in the City of Dublin, California. Our role encompassed the utility design, specifically focusing on drainage improvements, and to support BFS Landscape Architects, the primary contractor for the project. This project aimed to create a haven for sports enthusiasts and families, offering a diverse range of facilities spanning over twelve acres.
This expansive park field development included two baseball fields, volleyball courts, a cricket field, cricket batting cages, and a playground area. The distinctiveness of this project, however, is in the cricket field, which introduced a unique flavor to the recreational landscape. To comply with the cricket pitch specifications, we worked in close collaboration with the architect and developed a design that satisfied the requirements for U 14 cricket matches
Bellecci’s expertise and comprehensive understanding of complex utility design made us the ideal fit for this project. Our team meticulously coordinated with partners to ensure seamless execution, delivering results that exceeded expectations. From handling drainage improvements to addressing the unique needs of each facility, we left no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence.
Throughout the project, our collaboration with the community and clients was received with support and appreciation. The US Cricket Association, in particular, commended this project in promoting the sport and facilitating a first-class cricket experience.
Bellecci’s commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to unique challenges sets us apart in the realm of utility design for recreational spaces. By seamlessly integrating infrastructure with the natural environment, we transform visions into remarkable realities.

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