2017 Los Altos Sewer Replacement

After successfully completing the 2016 sewer replacement project, the city of Los Altos knew Bellecci was the right fit for their next annual sewer rehabilitation project. We successfully demonstrated alternative ways to accomplish pipeline replacements while proving our capability to find the right methods to fit their needs.
Unlike the previous year, the locations for the 2017 project were a bit more challenging, as the areas required permits from such agencies as a community college, Fish and Wildlife, Valley Water, and Santa Clara County.
Before a project of this magnitude begins, Bellecci heavily stresses the importance of collecting soil data. This data assists us in our efforts to limit “surprises” by providing a snapshot of the material we are dealing with (e.g., the thickness of pavement and base), helping us identify whether there are any concrete or hard layers that need to be broken through, and the potential presence of groundwater.
However, despite even the most thorough sampling, surprises can still arise. For this project, the surprise came as the discovery of an abandoned concrete box culvert in the area between the college and the Fish and Wildlife areas. This posed a difficulty, as this area parallels a water source that, if executed incorrectly, could lead to even larger issues.
Bellecci understood the concerns that this situation posed and approached it with care. Despite the delay this caused, we knew that the right solution was paramount and a priority. Bellecci takes pride in our work, and properly approaching conflict resolution is always a priority. Bellecci explored several options, selected the best non-evasive approach to resolve this issue, and resumed the trenchless method for the rest of the project.
Bellecci believes in remaining flexible and responsible to meet client’s needs. We continually go the extra mile, providing detailed project documents and bringing in outside consultants when needed. Our team members possess the skills and experience needed to take our projects to the next level—a fact that our clients remember.

2016 Los Altos Sewer Replacement

The historical project of revitalizing Piedmont Avenue was a remarkable journey into the past. Piedmont Avenue’s original design was the work of the visionary Frederick Olmstead in 1864. This historic thoroughfare stretches through Piedmont, Oakland, Berkely, and beyond.
From the beginning, Bellecci made its mission clear in preserving the essence of Olmstead’s original design. However, navigating the intricate landscape of sloping surfaces, obstructing power poles, and dissipated curbs posed difficulties, especially as it pertained to ADA compliancy.
Collaborating closely with the city, we presented six different design options. Among them, one stood out—an innovative approach featuring amphitheater-style stairs that harmoniously integrated with the existing historic wall, which needed to remain. The wall’s height remained unchanged, allowing the sidewalk level to remain at its high level. Additionally, we incorporated dedicated bike lanes and scooter parking, catering to the ever-evolving landscape of transportation preferences.
To further expand on our mission of perseverance, Bellecci carefully recreated Olmstead’s original radius, adding multi-modal improvements and providing the space to accommodate the modernizations of their students. All while incorporating illuminating pedestrian pathway lights and beautifully crafted granite caps for functionality and allure.
Addressing the infrastructure needs, we embarked on the installation of a vital sanitary sewer line. The stadium’s basement, extending deep underground to its locker rooms, necessitated a carefully engineered connection. This new sewer line required specialized piping and meticulous backfilling, ultimately connecting to the Bancroft Way sewer line. Securing the permit for this connection was a momentous achievement, eliminating the need for an extensive pipeline reaching all the way to the campus—a solution that would have overwhelmed the existing infrastructure.
This project was a testament to the harmony between heritage preservation and modernization. Incorporating modern amenities into this historical roadway manifests both timeless design and accessibility for all.

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